Top 10 Movie Moments of 2014…So Far

I Like The Guy holding MONEY

One Room With A View


Here at ORWAV we’re not going to bore you with a Best Films of 2014 round-up just because we’re halfway through the year. Instead, our writers are here to offer something different with the specific moments that have made their year in film so far. We’ve got arthouse elegance, blockbuster brilliance and awards show highlights all for your consideration. It goes without saying that there are PLENTY of spoilers ahead. 

Under the Skin – The Black Void – Lina

under the skin black void

An alien comes to earth, disguised as a young woman. As she drives through Scotland in a white van, the nameless beauty picks up strange men. She lures them into a mysterious black space, slowly undressing. The men follow her willingly, until they gradually sink into a silent, black void before imploding and dissolving, leaving a floating mass of what once was their skin.

The scene is a perfectly paced blend of…

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