Welcome To The Planet


We are once again awakened from the slumber of life’s everyday routine. Through the scramble and the chaos of the language of the body, fuelled by primal energy, our 6th grandchild came out to greet the world this past week.

Our little one who has rocked our world is ready now to be present for a lifetime of lived experience, refracted through the lens of her body, emotion, mind and human spirit experiences.

She enters her story into recorded history. A story that is a unique microcosm of a larger tapestry of family, community, nation and planet. As she grows and develops, she will weave the strands of her individuality into the genetic cloth of her ancestral bloodline with a thread that cannot be broken.

As her grandparent, her presence thoroughly intoxicates me. From the point of view of an ostomate who has captained her ship during a storm…

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Published by: sheribarton64@gmail.com

I am a Ostomate looking for Friends to Chat with people who would understand Me for who I am and Vise Versa I am a Single 50 yrs. Of age I am starting this Web sight called Ostomatessingles @sheribarton64 and Ostomatessingles@wp.com and sheribarton64@wordpress.com Thank You

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